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Jewelry Tattoos

Have some fun and forgo standard bracelets in favor of shiny (temporary!) body art. These glam gold tattoos can be applied to look like stacked bangles or rings. Who knew fake tats and fake tans could be so chic?

Just Bronzed Seattle WA Jewelry Tattoo

"I love love love how gold and silver make your body shimmer and light up, and these tattoos do that beautifully!"

Details & Care


Adorn your sun-kissed skin with stunning metallic jewelry tattoos patterned after the lovely work of artist and designer Lulu deKwiatkowski. Let Just Bronzed add this to your perfect custom airbrush tan or simply let us help you apply! 


  • Typically lasts 4-6 days.

  • Non toxic.

  • By lulu dk; imported.


Single lines out the door - $7 each for Gold & Silver for purchase $10 each for multi colored for purchase

Applied with or without airbrush tan $10 each Gold & Silver - $15 each for multi colored


Gold & Silver

Whole sheet out the door - $25 

Whole sheet applied - $30

Multi colored

Whole sheet out the door - $30 

Whole sheet applied - $40

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